Nonprofit Eases College Cost for Children of American Heroes

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Freedom Alliance Now Offering Scholarships to Students for the 2013-2014 School Year

 DULLES, Va. – Aug. 21, 2013 – Freedom Alliance, who has awarded over six million dollars in scholarships, continues to support our nation’s military dependents. The nonprofit organization honors Americans in our armed forces who have sacrificed life or limb defending our country by providing educational benefits to their children.

U.S Army Soldier, Carlos Escobar, was medically retired after serving in Iraq in 2005. Now suffering from a combination of post-traumatic stress disorder and other service-related injuries, Sgt. Escobar is rated as 100 percent disabled by the Veterans Administration.

“They told us he was injured really badly, and that it was a miracle he survived the incident,” his son Roberto said. “At that moment, I was heart-broken, but at the same time proud of my dad. He had risked his life to save others and protect our nation.”

This fall, Roberto will attend the University of Texas as a freshman majoring in Music Education. As college tuition continues to rise, Freedom Alliance ensures that Sgt. Escobar, and Soldiers like him, won’t have to bear the cost of college tuition alone. But for Roberto, the scholarship is more than a check. He says, “It means a lot to me to see my father’s sacrifice being honored.” The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund is a reminder to the sons and daughters of American Heroes that our grateful nation will never forget their service.

Roberto now joins more than 200 students who are currently receiving college scholarships from Freedom Alliance. Just like Roberto, these students have a parent that has become permanently disabled or deceased in an operational mission or training accident.

The deadline to apply for students has been extended to September 30 to ensure the organization reaches as many qualifying students as possible. Qualified candidates will be notified promptly after completing the initial application.

Students interested in applying can find additional details online at FAScholarship.com.



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